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The Central Baltimore Partnership’s Mission

Formed in 2006, the Central Baltimore Partnership’s mission is to galvanize the renaissance of Central Baltimore. It pursues its mission by partnering with neighborhood organizations, non-profits, educational institutions, businesses and government agencies.


The framework for this renaissance is a comprehensive community development strategy known as “HCPI,” which would be best understood by reading a document titled HCPI-A Call To Action. But, in short, the goal is to develop the Central Baltimore area in a way that will benefit existing stakeholders and attract new ones.


The Central Baltimore Partnership does not directly provide services to the public. We always work through (or with) our partner organizations and we encourage you to contact them if you live, work, study, or own a business in a Central Baltimore Neighborhood, or simply wish to do so. If you are an organization that is interested in the renaissance of Central Baltimore and wishes to partner with us, please contact us.

Specifically How Does the Central Baltimore Partnership Pursue Its Mission?

Formulating a Shared Vision For The Development of Central Baltimore

Having the same goals doesn’t always mean being on the same page, especially when your partners are spread across many neighborhoods and doing everything from exhibiting pictures, to maintaining safe streets. The Central Partnership provides a planning framework that enables its partners to be on the same page (literally).

Helping Coordinate Between Partners

Many projects in the Central Baltimore area involve multiple organizations. The Central Baltimore Partnership is always available to assist them in collaborating with each other.  

Providing Resources for Partners

Although many of our partners are large organizations with vast infrastructure, others are small groups that can use some assistance in creating plans, organizing meetings, writing grants, getting the word out about what they are doing, or just finding out who to reach out to — so their ideas can become a reality. The Central Baltimore Partnership is  there to lend a hand. There’s no better example of this than the state-sponsored Baltimore Regional Neighborhood Initiative (BRNI) program. In the first year of the program, on behalf of its partners, CBP created a grant proposal that channeled $1.485 Million to 12 redevelopment projects in Central Baltimore in 2014.

Creating and Administering Grants Programs With Our Partners

Sometimes the Central Baltimore Partnership takes the bull by the horns to initiate and administer a grants program with our partners. The HCPI Spruce-Up Community Grant Program is one example.

Cheerleader For Central Baltimore

Whether it’s behind the scenes with movers and shakers, or just shouting from the highest mountaintop, the Central Baltimore Partnership promotes Central Baltimore and the HCPI-A Call To Action, an agenda that we think will make a great area even better.


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