It is the goal of the Central Baltimore Partnership to engage every: neighborhood organization, nonprofit agency, community development corporations, major property owner, university and foundation that is active in one of our neighborhoods. And we think we’ve done a good job of it. But we’re always looking for new partners. And you don’t have to be one of the types of aforementioned organizations. If you are interested in the renaissance of Central Baltimore, we are happy to have you aboard. Large or small, public, or private, if your organization’s work falls within our boundaries, we would be delighted to partner with you. So please contact us. Being headquartered in Central Baltimore is not a prerequisite. We also work with organizations that address the city as a whole, including the government of Baltimore City. Specifically the Mayor has committed city administration officials and key agencies to work with the Central Baltimore Partnership.

Partners List & Central Baltimore Links

Go to the Central Baltimore Links page for a handy list of links to both the websites, and contact pages, of many of our Partners, as well as other organizations we deal with that provide important information to our community.

For a complete list of Partners click here.



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