Steering Committee

The Central Baltimore Partnership Steering Committee is comprised of members representing community associations, non-profit organizations, businesses, Baltimore City agencies, and Central Baltimore Universities.  The Steering Committee serves as the Board of Directors for the organization and works to establish an overall vision for the Central Baltimore area.  It is the mission of the Steering Committee to support and build on existing efforts and organizations – not to replace or overpower them.

The Steering Committee is led by the following appointed officers:


Chair: Timothy D. Armbruster

Vice Chair: Karen D. Stokes                        Strong City Baltimore

Treasurer: Andrew B. Frank                        Johns Hopkins University

Secretary: Neb Sertsu                                University of Baltimore

Steering Committee Members


Tim Armbruster

Michael Braverman                             Baltimore City Housing

Ron Daniels                                         Johns Hopkins University
(Represented by Andrew B. Frank)

Neil Didriksen                                     The Robert W. Deutsch Foundation

Emilie Drasher                                    Waverly Main Street

Charlie Duff                                         Jubilee Baltimore

Ryan Flanigan                                     Greater Remington Improvement Association

Kirby Fowler                                        Downtown Partnership of Baltimore

Carolyn Frenkil                                    Charles North Community Association

Matthew D. Gallagher                         Goldseker Foundation

Peter Hammen                                    Baltimore City Mayor’s Office

David Hill                                             Charles Village Community Benefits District

Sammy Hoi                                          Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA)
(Represented by Mike Molla)

Linda Johnson                                      Greater Greenmount Community Association

Fred Lazarus IV

Thibault Manekin                                  Seawall Development

Michael Mazepink                                 People’s Homesteading Group

Ackneil Muldrow ll                                 Parker Muldrow & Associates

Kurt Schmoke                                       University of Baltimore
(Represented by Neb Sertsu)

Sandy Sparks                                       Charles Village Civic Association

Karen Stokes                                        Strong City Baltimore

Tom Stosur                                           Baltimore City Planning Department

Terrylynn Tyrell

Kisha Webster                                     New Greenmount West Community Association

Non-Voting Members

Jennifer Mielke, Salem Reiner              Johns Hopkins University

Tom  Totten                                          Pro Bono Attorney

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