Central Baltimore

Elsewhere on this site it says that one of the key roles of the Central Baltimore Partnership is to be a cheerleader for Central Baltimore and we weren’t kidding. Frankly that’s the easiest part of our job, because there are so many things to cheer about! So forgive our immodesty as we continue.

Anything that you could possibly want from city life can be found in Central Baltimore!

The many neighborhoods that compose the area present an incredible diversity of people, landmarks, institutions, and businesses. All within walking distance of each other, and all within reach of mass transportation, a precious commodity in Baltimore City.
Want some details?:  Read on about City Life: Art, Architecture, Education and Transportation in Central Baltimore; check out our page on the terrific 10 Neighborhoods + 1 Commercial District of Central Baltimore; or click here for a great, big, downloadble PDF of the map below which shows the community assets of Central Baltimore.

Central Baltimore Community Assets map

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