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Over the years, the Central Baltimore Partnership has done everything from: community organizing, to urban planning, to grant bundling, to workforce development, to enlisting support from government officials, to staging street fairs, to negotiating with large property owners.
We always work in conjunction with our partner organizations. But otherwise there are no prerequisites. We don’t feel confined to any type of endeavor. If something needs to be done in order to further our mission (which is to galvanize the renaissance of Central Baltimore), we’ll try to do it.
Essentially this work boils down to 3 different tasks:
1) We run around this town and meet with people during every waking hour of the day. 2) We sift through all the stuff we’ve been meeting about, and turn it into written material. 3) We put it all together and we make things happen!


Who do we meet with?

The simple answer is we meet with anyone we need to in the course of pursuing our mission. The following types of organizations are ones we have regular contact with.

  • Community associations
  • Community development corporations
  • Cultural institutions (including educational and religious ones)
  • Foundations
  • Government (including elected officials, cultural affairs, development programs, & police)
  • Private developers
  • Social service organizations


What do we write?

Well, first of all, more emails than might seem humanly possible. But following are links to the important stuff.

Putting it all together

Obviously, writing and talking are not mutually exclusive. They work in tandem. And task forces and advisory panels are 2 venues where all all the writing and talking comes together to create change.

Task Forces

The Central Baltimore partnership has created a number of task forces to address various issues in Central Baltimore. Read more about them on our Task Force page.

Advisory Panels, etc.

In addition to creating our own task forces to deal with issues in Central Baltimore, we also staff advisory panels, etc, created by others to address matters that affect Central Baltimore. For instance, along with city officials, Amtrak executives and others, our Director of Projects and Program Services, Ashley Wallace serves on a working group that is the driving force for the Penn Station Advisory Committee. This advisory committee is directly responsible for a whole slew of incredible changes at Penn Station. If you’ve used the outdoor seating, or wifi there, you’ve already noticed a couple of them. Read about the changes to Penn Station in the summer 2014 Factsheet.








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