Two-Way Traffic Conversion

CBP’s Public Realm Task Force has devoted considerable energy to the issue of traffic calming in Central Baltimore, which it strongly supports. This support is based on many examples where traffic calming has promoted everything from a sense of community, to increased real estate values. Two-way traffic conversion is one methodology for bringing about traffic calming. So the task force took great interest when the Baltimore City Board of Estimates approved funding for a study about converting St. Paul and Calvert Street to two-way traffic in Central Baltimore and beyond. This happened on June 11, 2014, when it was announced that the Baltimore City Department of Transportation would  hire Sabra, Wang & Associates to conduct the study which will examine the impact of such a conversion. Specifically, they will be looking at the potential effect of conversion on car, bus, bicycle, and pedestrian traffic.

Though the DOT study does not focus on the quality of life benefits of two-way traffic conversion for surrounding neighborhoods, there is considerable research to this effect. At CBP, we have collected information about the proposed study and about the effects of two-way traffic conversion. The information is available in the links below.


Two-way Traffic Conversion Information

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Charles Villager , holiday (December) 2014, “DOT Studies St. Paul & N. Calvert as Two Way Streets,” Joseph McNeely, PDF Version

Exploring Two-way Traffic Conversions in Central Baltimore, from the Partners Meeting, Oct

Two-Way Conversion Op-Ed

Traffic Calming One-pager

(Baltimore City DOT Info)

DOT Survey, February, 2015

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DOT Community Meeting Comments October 28

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DOT re. Two Way Traffic Conversion on St Paul Street and Calvert Street

General Information About Two-Way Traffic Conversion

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Traffic Calming Benefits, Costs and Equity Impacts_Todd Litman 1999

Two Way Conversion Case Study of Charleston SC_2009

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