Our Plan for Housing in Central Baltimore

The Future of Housing in Central Baltimore!

What we want to do is implement a plan that maintains economic diversity in Central Baltimore, while making it an even more attractive place to live. This plan (currently in the draft stage) is designed to ensure that no residents get priced out as our streets become safer, there are more shopping possibilities, and housing and schools improve. Our goal is to benefit longtime residents and attract newcomers with increased housing options — from subsidized to market rate.
This plan will require the support of many partners and cost $17.5 million to implement. It details how the money will be invested in making Central Baltimore a stronger community. The investment is specifically designed to strengthen the rich diversity of people and places in Central Baltimore – and bolster the efforts that residents have made to make our 10 neighborhoods and 1 commercial district, the, vital, distinctive, places that they are now.

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Please click here to download this draft of our plan and/or take a look at the Central Baltimore Housing Strategy Powerpoint ? Do you have a comment? Use this email link give us your opinion.


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