Responses for 200 North Avenue RFP are due 12:00 noon, Sept 6, 2017.

Baltimore Board of Ed (Formerly Poly) Photo by Edward Weiss Words and Pictures

200 North Avenue RFP

Working in partnership with Baltimore City Public Schools, the Central Baltimore Partnership seeks competitive proposals from qualified industry professionals to prepare a comprehensive comparative cost benefit analysis of retaining the Baltimore City Public Schools (City Schools) headquarters at 200 E. North Avenue (“Site”) or relocating it elsewhere.

The analysis should include existing and future operating costs, near- and mid-term capital costs, deferred maintenance, operational efficiencies and inefficiencies, space planning, and conceptual test fit for a new location.  City Schools will only consider relocation options that, when including all costs including relocation costs, reduce City Schools’ operating costs for its central office functions or result in a relocation plan that is cost neutral but results in office space that more effectively support City Schools’ operations and its capacity to deliver on its mission and vision.  In addition, the consult should complete a highest and best use analysis for 200 East North Avenue, including an estimate of value.

The subject Property, located at 200 East North Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21202 (Ward 12, Section 08, Block 3802, Lot 001), and otherwise known as the Dr. Alice G. Pinderhughes School Administration Headquarters, currently serves as the official administrative headquarters for the Baltimore City Public Schools. The four-story masonry building was built in 1912, and housed the Baltimore Polytechnic Institute until 1967.  In the 1980’s, the structure was renovated and enlarged to approximately 200,000 square feet to become the administrative headquarters for the Baltimore City Public School system.

All those interested in participating should visit our RFP page.

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