2014 HCPI Spruce-Up Grants

2014 HCPI Spruce-Up Grants

In 2014, awardees received a total of $258,000 dollars in grants through support provided by the Johns Hopkins University, the Baltimore Regional Neighborhoods Initiative of the State of Maryland’s Department of Housing and Community Development, and the Robert W. Deutsch Foundation. Total spending for winning projects will equal a combined total of $671,000. The remaining capital is coming from matching funds and in-kind services, a considerable portion of which can also be traced back to the Central Baltimore Partnership and its partner organizations.


Project Descriptions:
26th St. Community Plaza

Seawall Development will expand on the tire shop redevelopment by realigning the intersection of 26th Street and N.Howard St, eliminating the dangerous sweep from the southbound N. Howard Street onto W. 26th Street. This realignment allows the reclamation of a large public space for the development of a plaza with landscaping, furnishings, game tables and decorative and interactive features.

Barclay St. Pedestrian Lighting

Harwood Community Association aims to promote Barclay St. as a safe, attractive, and distinctive pedestrian pathway unifying the Harwood and Abell communities. Outdoor porch light fixtures will be installed along the sides of homes along Barclay St. to provide a safely lit pathway for pedestrian traffic.  It will also help bridge the connection to the local community center, school, library, farmers’ market and businesses along Barclay St. and Greenmount Ave (Waverly Main Street).

Bold, Beautiful and Brilliant Barclay Initiative

The BMOG Coalition, with support from GHCC, aims to improve the aesthetics and ambiance of the Barclay neighborhood. This project will include cleaning and transforming unattended lots with foliage and gardens; using artistic measures to bring new life to vacant and boarded buildings; planting trees; and addressing illegal dumping and litter with education, regular clean-ups, and installation of trash receptacles along heavily used pedestrian routes.

Harwood Neighborhood Signage

Four mosaic bulletin boards will be installed at highly visible locations throughout the neighborhood, adding to  Harwood’s growing reputation as a neighborhood of mosaics. This project will build on that momentum and increase  access to information about events at the 29th St. Community Center and throughout the neighborhood.

Huntingdon Ave. Viaduct Path Improvements

Huntingdon Ave. acts as a connector between Wyman Park and the Remington neighborhood. Nellie Power, an active Remington resident, and partners will improve the safety, accessibility, and aesthetics of the viaduct path, creating a more user-friendly connection to the park.

Margaret Brent Playground Improvements

The Margaret Brent playground is a heavily used space by not only the schoolchildren, but other neighborhood children as well. The Margaret Brent Family School Council, with support from GHCC, will transform the existing playground with new surfacing and equipment to make it a more appealing and useable space.

New Greenmount West: Gateway to Gateway

The Clean and Green Team of the New Greenmount West Community Association will build on efforts to maintain and invigorate the public spaces in the community. They will create strong focal points at gateways to the community at Brentwood Commons and Federal/Calvert Park. Improvements include landscaping, a statement sculpture at Brentwood Commons, and bold signage at the Federal/Calvert Park.

Old Goucher Tree Canopy Restoration

This project is building on the efforts of community members to enhance the public spaces in the community. The Old Goucher Community Association, in partnership with Baltimore Tree Trust, will inventory existing trees and plant or replace trees throughout the neighborhood. They will focus on the east-west streets that generally have a small number of trees.

St. Paul Street Park

The St. Paul Street Park has been a focal point of the Charles North Community for the past few years. This project is a phase 2 of park improvements that includes solar lighting installation, boulders for seating and aesthetics, and other elements to increase interest in and positive use of this open space by neighbors.

Waverly Commons: Phase 1

Phase one of the Waverly Commons Project will improve the parking lot at Barclay and 32nd Streets to better serve the residential and business communities while also establishing the lot as a flex space for the Waverly Farmers’ Market and other special events. Plans include: increased accessibility, new signage, and the addition of storm water drainage and landscaping.

Wyman Park Dell: Southern Park Project

The Wyman Park Dell is a 16-acre park that is considered a landmark by Baltimore City. This project will enhance the two major gateways at the southern edge of the park. Other Improvements will include the installation of a sign at the southwestern entrance to the park; as well as implementation of a new planting plan; and the installation of trash receptacles. These changes will enhance beauty and address safety concerns of the pedestrian walkways.

Ynot Lot

The 11,000 sq. ft. lot at the NW corner of Charles St. and North Ave. has become the YNOT Lot. Station North Arts and Entertainment, Inc. has converted the once blighted lot into an outdoor event space with rotating performance exhibitions and a large scale mural that connects with and leverages other nearby revitalization work.


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