What We’ve Done

What We’ve Done

We can’t say this enough times: All our work is done in collaboration with our partners.
Here are a few of the many redevelopment projects that we’ve helped out on in some way:


There’s also a lot more in the pipeline. For instance, recently (in early 2017) the Central Baltimore Partnership received $745,000 in Project Core funding from the State of Maryland’s Department of Housing and Community Development. This funding that will go to 3 large scale redevelopment projects undertaken by CBP Partners.

On the distribution side, on May 10 of 2017, CBP will announce another round of its HCPI Community Spruce-Up Grant Program. Last year, grants from this program, administered by CBP (which are for small neighborhood projects) awarded a total of $192,000 dollars, courtesy of the program’s sponsors: Johns Hopkins University and the State of Maryland’s Department of Housing and Community Development (through BRNI).


Much More Than Buildings

It’s not all about buildings, either. We have also done things such as  Art Walk in Old Goucher, an event that was rated one of the “Best Art Walks in Baltimore” by CBS Baltimore. And recently, working with our Partners’ Strong City Baltimore and Johns Hopkins we introduced the Explore the Core: Central Baltimore campaign to tell people more about all the great things that are happening here. Our Spruce-Up Program (sponsored by Johns Hopkins University and Maryland’s Department of Housing and Community Development) is enabling communities in our ten neighborhoods to transform their public spaces. And perhaps most significantly, Our Front and Center iniative is a comprehensive effort to ensure that all long term residents (of every income level) reap the benefits of positive change in Central Baltimore. It deals with a variety of issues including: employment opportunities, education, transportation and housing. We will posting more info soon.

Want some more details about how we do what we do? Read this case history about our work on the building that became the Baltimore Design School. It’s from 2014, but it goes into a lot of detail about how we work. And you could also check out the “Our Work” page.