CBP Homebuying Incentive Program

Central Baltimore Homebuying Incentive Program

This program is no longer accepting applicants.

After launching in 2019, we’ve invested $100,000 from the MD Department of Housing and Community Development Baltimore Regional Neighborhood Initiative (BRNI) in helping 10 low- to moderate-income homebuyers in Central Baltimore.

The purpose of the $10,000 Central Baltimore Homebuying Incentive Program was to maintain, and promote, income diversity in the six neighborhoods outlined in our Front and Center Equity Plan, while also incentivizing some potential residents to live closer to places of employment in Central Baltimore. These neighborhoods include: Barclay, Charles North, Greenmount West, Harwood, Midway, Old Goucher, and Remington.

Specifically , the Central Baltimore Homebuying Incentive Program offered grants of $10,000 in deferred loans to 10 potential homebuyers searching for homes in Central Baltimore. This incentive program can be stacked with other City incentives. It was available to to applicants that made 100% (or less) of the above neighborhoods average median income (AMI).

The program is part of our committment to ensuring that long-time low-income residents are not displaced, and that low- and moderate-income families will continue to see these communities as a viable choice to grow and flourish.

Through other measures created under the aegis of our Front and Center plan, we will continue to work with neighborhood associations and residents who want to make it possible for legacy residents and future homeowners (of all income levels) to benefit from neighborhood improvements. For potential homebuyers of all income levels, that are seeking incentives, information, or other forms of assistance in navigating the homebuying process, our Partners —  Healthy NeighborhoodsLive BaltimoreNeighborhood Housing Services  are excellent resources.