City Life: Art, Architecture, Education & Transportation

City Life:

Art, Architecture, Education & Transportation

We said anything you could possibly want from city life can be found in Central Baltimore. Here are some examples:


When people think about the arts in Central Baltimore, they immediately conjure up the Station North Arts & Entertainment district which cuts across three neighborhoods (Charles North, Greenmount West and Barclay) and is a panoply of theater, art, music, film and dining venues and home to the Maryland Film and Artscape festivals. But don’t be misled, from the Baltimore Museum of Art (owner of the nation’s greatest Matisse Collection) in Charles Village, to Ottobar (Baltimore’s  premier rock venue) in Remington, every neighborhood in Central Baltimore has something wonderful to offer. And unlike some areas with great arts venues, Central Baltimore is also a great place for artists to live with a wide variety of affordable housing and work spaces. This includes a number of spaces, created specifically for artists, such as the City Arts Buildings (developed by our partner Jubilee Baltimore) which provides subsidized housing/workspaces for artists. No need to leave the area for supplies either, just walk over to Artist & Craftsman Supply Baltimore. Whether you want to see old masterworks, or find enough space to create your own cutting edge art, Central Baltimore is your kind of place.



Central Baltimore is Baltimore’s mass transportation epicenter. Let’s start with Penn Station, the city’s (drop dead gorgeous) main train station which is served by AmtrakMARC, and the Maryland Transit Administration‘s light rail system. The area around the station is also the city’s main bus hub, a stop on more Baltimore City MTA buses than any point in town. It’s also the jumping off point for the free Charm City Circulator buses, as well as a stop for interstate Bolt Buses. That means you can get anywhere in the world from Penn Station.  In (as quickly as) 2 hours from Penn Station, you can be in New York, in less than 45 minutes you can be in Washington DC, (where many Central Baltimore residents work) and in 30 minutes you can be at BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport. Then it’s next stop Europe, Asia , Africa, or wherever! In addition there are numerous stop for buses/ light rail in the Central Baltimore area — and four different bicycle shops and repair spaces. In addition, it’s the home of the city’s bicycle advocacy group Bikemore, which has a free mobile bike shop along with other cycling events.



The educational opportunities in Central Baltimore are simply mind-boggling. Between our partners: Johns Hopkins University (JHU), Maryland College Institute of art (MICA) and the University of Baltimore (UB), there is virtually no subject that cannot be studied in Central Baltimore, and with some of the best professors in the world. There is also a vast array  of primary and secondary education, including the fabulous new Baltimore Design School, the groundbreaking new public high school that CBP is proud to have had a role in helping create. If that isn’t enough, there are a host of skills and art forms that can be pursued with specialized teachers and schools, such as the Baltimore Jewelry Center.



If you like 19th Century Architecture, you’d better get your butt over to Baltimore, Hon! Per square mile, there is no large city in America that has preserved its architectural legacy better than Charm City. The Central Baltimore area more than holds its own in this department, with a magnificent collection of Romanesque, Italianate, Renaissance Revival, Colonial Revival, and Beaux-Arts buildings. And we can lord it over most parts of town when it comes to housing stock. The legendary Baltimore row house has a whole different proportion in Central Baltimore. Down near the water, in neighborhoods such as Fell’s Point,  rowhouses  are typically 10.5 -12 feet across. Here in Central Baltimore you are usually looking at a width at least one and half times that, and at a fraction of the cost per square foot. There are also some amazing lofts and (as mentioned above) great housing and workspaces for artists. In addition, Central Baltimore is home to some of the most exciting new buildings in town,  such as the UB Law Center and MICA’s Brown Center.

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