Citywide Coalition on Drug Treatment

Citywide Coalition on Drug Treatment

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“In Baltimore, there is an uneven distribution of drug treatment. This circumstance compromises patient access to quality treatment and negatively impacts city neighborhoods. A coalition of communities is calling for a citywide strategy to alleviate the effects of the uneven distribution of drug treatment.”

In 2016, CBP (with its SMSA Task Force) joined other groups similarly dedicated to the above proposition to form the Citywide Coalition on Drug Treatment.  If your Baltimore City organization also agrees with the language above, please join us.


Educate Your Elected Officials!

The first step to getting action is to tell elected officials about the problem. So the first step of the Citywide Coalition on Drug Treatment is to make its concerns part of the 2016 Baltimore Mayoral Campaign. To this end, a request for a plan to improve the troubled drug treatment system in Baltimore City (accompanied by a fact sheet detailing the problem) has been submitted to each candidate.

This is exactly what we asked the Candidates in that packet: “What will you do to make quality drug treatment available in areas of need throughout the city, to improve conditions around large outpatient opioid treatment facilities, and to monitor clinic performance?”

We encourage everyone (whether you belong to an organization that is part of our coalition or not) to inform your elected officials about this issue.


Here’s How to Join

Organizations who wish to join the Citywide Coalition on Drug Treatment simply contact our coordinator on this issue, Aaron Kaufman

and he will take it from there.


Coalition Members

(in alphabetical order)

Central Baltimore Partnership

Charles North Community Association|

Charles Village Civic Association

Community Development Network of Maryland

CPHA (Citizens Planning and Housing Association, Inc.)

Downtown Partnership of Baltimore

Greenmount West Community Association

Jubilee Baltimore 

Lifebridge Health

Mount Royal Community Development Corporation

Southeast CDC

Southwest Partnership

Strong City Baltimore

York Road Partnership