COVID–19 Recovery

COVID–19 Recovery

The Central Baltimore Partnership began working on COVID–19 Recovery recovery as soon as word of the crisis reached us.  Our first step was simply to create three online resource pages with general information, information for small businesses, and information about volunteering. Although much of the information there is no longer relevant (due to its time sensitive nature), some of it still applies, so we are archiving it on this website for future reference and it can be accessed via the links below.

We then began working with our Partners in support of residents, businesses, and other stakeholders in the area.  This activity led to modifications of existing programs such as Crayon Fund and Community Spruce-Ups. After that, we added two new programs specifically geared to COVID–19 Recovery. They are Square Meals (concluded on May 9, 2020) and Central Baltimore Partnership’s Digital Drive which is currently active.  Square Meals was designed to feed frontline workers at Memorial Hospital during the pandemic, while simultaneously offering economic support for local restaurants. Our Digital Drive program is helping Central Baltimorean’s cross the digital divide. Use the links below to get more information about both of them.

We will continue to address different aspects of recovery, for updates, please follow CBP’s social media platforms (Twitter and Facebook). And do not hesitate to reach out to CBP staff if we might be of help.

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Central Baltimore Partnership’s Digital Drive © Edward Weiss for Central Baltimore Partnership
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Covid-19 Crisis Resource Guide

How You Can Help: COVID-19 Recovery

Small Business COVID-19 Recovery Info