There’s more to know about the Central Baltimore Partnership than just our programs. This menu is designed to fill in the details.

Non-Program Work

For many years the Central Baltimore Partnership had no programs. Yet they were very busy years. We pursued our goals outlined in the Homewood Community Partners Initiative (HCPI) and Front and Center: A Five Year Equity Plan (Front and Center) by bringing our 100+ Partners together on specific projects. We do this formally (through Task Forces) or informally (just by reaching out). That work may sound a bit abstract, but the results are concrete (often literally) as you can see if you visit our New Purposes for Old Landmarks page. Although we are always ready to pitch in, our specific contributions to individual projects are often quite modest. It’s not that our Partners need us to affect sustainable change, it’s that they need each other. For instance, a tiny community group can possess information resources about local needs (and assets) that a large organization with huge financial resources does not.  Thus, creating opportunities for collaborative focus between Partners is a big part of our job. In addition, CBP staff work to ensure that development projects have effective, equitable, community engagement throughout planning and implementation.

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Front and Center

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New Purposes for Old Landmarks

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