Friends of the Jones Falls

The Jones Falls

The Jones Falls River is as small (about 18 miles long), as it is historic and beautiful. It runs between Baltimore County and Baltimore Harbor, and a section of it forms Central Baltimore’s western border. We consider it a local treasure, despite the fact that many of our residents are only aware of it as the body of water that runs below I-83 and the Light Rail. Thus we were delighted that in 2018, the Friends of The Jones Falls, Inc was formed to aid the Jones Falls watershed, and protect this important part of Baltimore’s past and future.  It “is a volunteer-based organization incorporated to support and sustain the quality of life and long-term stewardship of the Jones Falls from the headwaters in Baltimore County to the Inner Harbor.”  We have agreed to use our fundraising infrastructure  — as a 501(c)(3) we can accept tax deductable contributions — to assist their stewardship. Please note, all funds will go directly to them. To learn more about the Friends of the Jones Falls, and what it does, visit their website.

Donate to the Friends of the Jones Falls

To make a direct donation to the Friends of the Jones Falls, just click on the giant donate button below. All donations will help fund clean-ups, stewardship materials, tool rental, and community projects that will preserve, protect, enhance, and conserve the environmental integrity, while promoting sustainable development, of the Jones Falls and its watershed. If you wish to donate to programs of the Central Baltimore Partnership, visit our Donate page.

To ensure your donation reaches the Friends of The Jones Falls, please also email the amount of the donation to (this is for double verification purposes).