Front and Center

Front and Center:

A Plan For Everyone in Central Baltimore

When we first started in 2006, we took on immediate problems that needed addressing. For instance, a lot of buildings were in bad shape.  One of the worst was the Lebow Factory building, that had chunks of concrete falling off of it.  Now, thanks to the efforts of various CBP partners and the vision of (then Senator) Catherine Pugh, that once dangerous building is now the Baltimore Design School.

Gradually as you turn around problems like that, in a great area like Central  Baltimore, a new problem emerges. Real estate taxes and rents go up, and it becomes more expensive to live here.  We have always welcomed newcomers (who have helped prevail against the once daunting number of vacancies). But, first and foremost, we have an unwavering  commitment to make sure that long term residents reap the benefits of positive change in Central Baltimore, and that includes residents of every income level.

To make sure that we all move forward together, CBP Partners have created various programs for our lower income residents — ranging from workforce development, to helping seniors with home repair issues. But recently, we felt that our past efforts were not enough, that we had to come up with a more comprehensive approach to further our goal of making Central Baltimore a better place for everyone.

That’s why we launched Front and Center: A Comprehensive Equity Program. It’s a multi-stage program that began with a survey of residents to see what they need most; and we are now focusing on 3 issues — Workforce Development, Youth and Family Services, and Community Health.

Front and Center is a high priority of CBP. We are putting more info together about how it’s going and we will be posting it soon. In the meantime, please read our plan.

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