Maps come with the terrority (pun intended) when you work on the kinds of projects that we do. From the Central Baltimore Development Map to the Central Baltimore Community Assets Composite Map, we have quite a selection (we’ll be posting more soon) and they are all free to download.

Central Baltimore Composite Plan Maps

As we said before, “anything you could possibly want from city life can be found in Central Baltimore!” But we weren’t sure that anybody could find a way to put it all in a map, until we started talking to our friends at the Old Goucher design firm Post Typography. They found a way to describe that, and more, in a series we commissioned. The 3 different downloadable maps  below are a great way to find out about Central Baltimore. So start clicking!

Other Central Baltimore Maps

CBP Penn Station Transit-oriented Development Map

Check out this map to see all the building going on around Baltimore’s transportation epicenter, here in Central Baltimore — Transit Oriented Development Map, June 2015

 Parking Map of the Charles North Section of Station North A&E

Click here for the Charles North Parking Map.