Our Work

Our Work

We are a partnership of over 100 organizations which have a stake in the Central Baltimore neighborhoods and commercial centers. Our partners are committed to a collaborative approach to the revitalization of Central Baltimore. Our partners join efforts in task forces, ad hoc work groups, and coalitions which set priorities and develop and implement initiatives.

Our structure maintains balance and equity among stakeholders of unequal power. This structure allows our partners to offer input at every level and participate in the decision-making process, whether they are a neighborhood, public, or private organization. With our partners, we have created task forces, and our two guiding documents: the Homewood Community Partners Initiative (HCPI) and Front and Center: A Five Year Equity Plan (Front and Center).

CBP staff work to ensure that community development projects are successful, achieve the community goals envisioned and have effective community engagement throughout planning and implementation. We help partners in project design and execution, resource development, community and political support, and offering benefits for low- income residents.

We identify or recruit partners to address specific aspects of the HCPI and Front and Center strategies. We help those partners refine a project from concept to implementation. CBP staff organize support for partners from in and outside Central Baltimore, especially financial support, and help publicize and evaluate projects and their impact. We make connections between projects that make our comprehensive strategy more than a set of projects. CBP’s capacity building and technical assistance model is nationally-recognized for its effectiveness, inclusiveness and grassroots approach.