Public Realm Task Force

Public Realm Task Force

The Public Realm Task Force is an advocate for, and facilitator (if necessary) of major public realm improvements in Central Baltimore. The term ‘public realm’ encompasses all public elements of the urban landscape, such as streets, parks, mass transit, and open spaces. These areas have a dramatic impact on the lives of everyone in Central Baltimore. Improving their quality, improves the quality of life for all who visit them, residents and visitors alike. The Task Force’s goal is to build on Central Baltimore’s major public realm assets — walkable neighborhoods, proximity to Penn Station, and beautiful parks — and make those improvements a reality.

The Task Force addresses public realm projects that are already underway,or in development, in Central Baltimore, working to enhance cooperation between city/state agencies, anchor institutions and community stakeholders. Current focuses are transforming one-way streets to two-way, greening, improving pedestrian lighting and parking,  and increasing the extent and quality of public transit.

Task Force Structure

The Task Force is composed of a coordinating committee and several working groups.

The coordinating committee is composed of representatives from partner organizations concerned with multi-neighborhood public realm projects. It meets quarterly and frames strategies, while identifying challenges and potential resources. It is also a forum for relationship-building and legibility/accountability.

The ad-hoc, project-based, working groups are in charge of monitoring the design, and implementation, of the projects. From funding to project management, they report relevant developments to the Coordinating Committee. They also lead community input and communication with stakeholders.


The staff person for the Public Realm Task Force is Ashley Wallace. You can contact her at