The HCPI Community Spruce-Up Grant Program — Small grants with a huge impact!

The HCPI Community Spruce-Up Grant Program provides funds to groups, individuals, and associations in the 10 neighborhoods and 1 commercial district of Central Baltimore. These are the neighborhoods of Abell, Barclay, Charles North, Charles Village, Greenmount West, Harwood, Oakenshawe, Old Goucher, Remington, Wyman Park, and the commercial district of Waverly Main Street. And this includes the area around Jones Falls.

This Grant Program has been designed to stimulate neighborhood-driven, quality of life, capital improvement projects at the grass-roots level. It provides matching resources for projects that require $10,000 to $25,000 for their successful completion, and are part of larger overall projects that range in total cost from $15,000 to several times that amount.

The Spruce-Ups have advanced ongoing work by individuals, groups, community and nonprofit organizations, businesses, government agencies, the Baltimore Police Department, Baltimore City Public Schools, foundations, and anchor institutions. In turn, the projects that have received these grants have all advanced the Homewood Community Partners Initiative agenda. Most importantly, they’ve aided the people of Central Baltimore in their quest to make a great place even better!

Support for this program is being provided by the Johns Hopkins University and the Baltimore Regional Neighborhoods Initiative of the State of Maryland’s Department of Housing and Community Development.

2018 HCPI Spruce-Up Grants

Name of Project Applicant Project Cost Funds Granted
East Harwood Streetscape Beautification Project Harwood Community Association $52,200.00 $24,008.00
Greenmount Rec Center Green Space Project Telesis Baltimore Corporation $100,000.00 $20,000.00
Waverly Main Street Pedestrian Safety Project Waverly Main Street $85,000.00 $18,200.00
26th Street Implementation: Traffic Calming and Placemaking via Art, Greenery, and Community Organizing – MB Friends of Margaret Brent $17,969.20 $14,000.00
Traffic Calming and Place Making via Art – Barclay Friends of Barclay $35,900.00 $12,785.00
Welcoming Charles Village Community Space Project Charles Village Civic Association $31,119.00 $14,367.00
The Coordinated Greening of Greenmount West Greenmount West Community Association $24,228.04 $18,890.00
Village Learning Educational Garden Project Village Learning Place $16,119.36 $10,000.00
The Front Door Project Charles North Community Association $29,425.00 $17,750.00
Charles North Street Tree Project Neighborhood Design Center $30,000.00 $10,000.00
Totals  NA $421,960.00 $160,000.00

If you have any questions about the HCPI Community Spruce-Up Grant Program, please contact Aaron Kaufman, Community Projects Manager, akaufman@centralbaltimore.org or contact him at the Central Baltimore Partnership, 25 E 20th St, Baltimore, MD 21218, 410-244-1775.

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