Spruce-Up Grant Program

Funding neighborhood-driven, capital improvement projects

For five years, our organization has been supporting neighborhood-driven, capital improvement projects in public spaces of Central Baltimore through our Spruce-Up Grant Program. We help neighborhood leaders and other partners identify opportunities for community enhancement, assess project feasibility, and mobilize collaboration between public and private partners. With funding from Johns Hopkins University and the Baltimore Regional Neighborhoods Initiative of Maryland’s Department of Housing and Community Development, CBP awards grants ranging from $10,000 to $25,000 to groups, individuals, and associations. This program was conceived in 2014 in the Station North Arts and Entertainment District and launched with the support of the Robert W. Deutsch Foundation.

Spruce-Up Grants have funded 49 projects over the last five years. Our cumulative funding has amounted to $900,000, with a total program impact of $3 million. Projects have included playgrounds, community gardens, public art, safety improvements, and neighborhood signs. Five Baltimore organizations are now replicating our Spruce-Up Program with our help.

From the Barclay Recreation Collaborative, which created a striking facade for the Greenmount Recreation Center, to the signature orange “W” that welcomes visitors to the 32nd Street Farmers Market, Spruce-Up recipients have enhanced neighborhoods by mobilizing community residents.

For more information contact Aaron Kaufman, Community Projects Manager, akaufman@centralbaltimore.org or contact him at the Central Baltimore Partnership, 25 E 20th St, Baltimore, MD 21218, 410-244-1775.

2018 HCPI Spruce-Up Grants

Name of Project Applicant Project Cost Funds Granted
East Harwood Streetscape Beautification Project Harwood Community Association $52,200.00 $24,008.00
Greenmount Rec Center Green Space Project Telesis Baltimore Corporation $100,000.00 $20,000.00
Waverly Main Street Pedestrian Safety Project Waverly Main Street $85,000.00 $18,200.00
26th Street Implementation: Traffic Calming and Placemaking via Art, Greenery, and Community Organizing – MB Friends of Margaret Brent $17,969.20 $14,000.00
Traffic Calming and Place Making via Art – Barclay Friends of Barclay $35,900.00 $12,785.00
Welcoming Charles Village Community Space Project Charles Village Civic Association $31,119.00 $14,367.00
The Coordinated Greening of Greenmount West Greenmount West Community Association $24,228.04 $18,890.00
Village Learning Educational Garden Project Village Learning Place $16,119.36 $10,000.00
The Front Door Project Charles North Community Association $29,425.00 $17,750.00
Charles North Street Tree Project Neighborhood Design Center $30,000.00 $10,000.00
Totals  NA $421,960.00 $160,000.00
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