Task Forces

Task Forces

How Our Task Forces Work

Task forces are a key method that the Central Baltimore Partnership employs to create change. They are used to address issues that cut across neighborhood boundaries and involve multiple segments of our community.

A task force is formed when a Partner organization identifies an issue that will benefit from this approach.  CBP’s current task forces include Public Safety, Residential Development & Marketing, Public Safety, Saturation of Metropolitan Service Agencies, HCPI and Public Realm.

It is important to understand that our role is to assemble the task force from Partners affected by the issues involved, and to support those task forces any way we can. We do not guide the task forces. We help make their vision a reality.

Prior to initial meetings, CBP staff and relevant partners identify goals and strategies in order to create a task force’s action plan. During the first few meetings of a task force, this process is revisited and the action plans are shaped according to the will of the task force. Action plans are regularly re-evaluated, during the course of a task force’s lifetime and are subject to change.


Role of the Task Force Chairs

Each of our task force chairs is a stakeholder from a partner organization who facilitates the meetings and guides the vision of the task force. The co-chair(s) job is to keep the task force on course. For this job — organizational skills, and diplomacy are the keystones.


Partner Involvement

CBP’s task force process is transparent and regular task force updates are included in CBP’s Executive Director’s Report. A broad cross-section of partner involvement is encouraged in many CBP task forces, however some task forces (such as RDM) are limited to partners already involved in a particular issue.


CBP’s Role

CBP’s role is to provide staff support to each task force, according to its needs. This assistance can take the form of: defining and articulating the issues, shaping the vision of the task force, creating a sense of urgency, identifying resources, and bringing new/additional partners to the table. CBP also works on: relationship building, vision planning, meeting coordination, and research for the task forces.

Task Forces

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Public Realm Task Force

Public Safety Task Force

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